Lead generation is NOT a numbers game. You are not looking for random email addresses, as easy as that sounds. You need to tailor the lead generation activity on your website to attract the specific individuals or businesses you're targeting.
Building a lead generation activity into your website is the right marketing tactic for solopreneurs and services businesses, because they need to balance their workload. Connecting proactively lets you plan ahead.
A mailing list lets YOU take control of your marketing and one way to build that list, is a well written quiz. A personality Quiz qualifies and categorizes the lead and builds a sales funnel you can tap into during quiet times.
Your website is a "fixer-upper". Where do you start? Leverage years of content by refocusing and editing. Less "what" and more "so what". Websites that work have content that makes prospects curious.
A LinkedIn timeline is fleeting. Fine-tune your 1-minute marketing pitch by identifying and offering the right niche "foot-in-the-door" service for YOUR best niche LinkedIn audience.
At the start of every technical communication project, I work with business owners to articulate their 1-minute marketing pitch - an instant summary of your business, your brand, or your big idea. A pitch isn't what you're selling, it's what the customer is buying. That's a big distinction.
You don't create advertising that works with a formula. Or a competitive analysis of your industry. Or even SEO keywords. You need that BIG IDEA! When you're selling a fire extinguisher, open with the fire, not the price!
I no longer click on Chatbots. Because the chat NEVER WORKS. 😒 Instant support is great. But it's not the best use of staff time, and AI isn't there yet. We need a new solution. We need "Alt-Chat".
Is your business is generalist with multiple services, and you are struggling to "niche"? I have a simple solution. You don't have to niche your business, as long as you can niche your 1-minute marketing pitch!
Design Thinking evolves a business model based on research and logic. Design Feeling adds empathy - so you deeply understand the people who want what you sell, as well as the society in which you operate. Together, they build a successful business that works right from the start.
People are nervous of owning and controlling their own website. The assumption is that “the cloud” is safer. It’s run by big companies like Shopify, Amazon, Thinkific and Wix. They […]
When you add a website address to a LinkedIn post, a clickable image-link is provided. But often it looks terrible! It's a fuzzy logo or generic banner - or nothing appears at all? Here are some steps to fix it.
Imagine how hard life is, for people with permanent disabilities that affect vision? Accessibility NOT a legal and social hassle to accommodate disabled people. User-friendly is better for ALL of us!
Every business has forms. Remember the old days - the boss's PA made a form, we filled it in, she counted? Digital gave us options. So why is it SO difficult to get digital forms right?
What is a formula? “My Company is developing [offering] to help [target audience] solve [ audience problem] with [secret sauce]. These 10 formulas will jump-start ideas for your 1-minute-marketing pitch.
Looking good attracts positive attention, but attention isn't a website's goal. Here are some design ideas you can use to boost user experience and get more leads!
At the heart of marketing messages that work, is ... a beating human heart. When creating your 1-minute pitch, these emotions drive people to feel, to believe in your value, and to buy YOUR products and services.
People believe they buy because it's the logical choice. HAH!! About 50 years of research into consumer buying patterns says they are wrong. (Disclaimer: this post reveals secret "black hat" marketing tricks you might not want to hear)
Can you make sense of your Google Analytics report? We look at an example (real)report, and see how to make the right business decisions around the data.
How do I get my website more visible on Google search? Do I HAVE to pay an SEO expert? Should I take out Google Ads? Or is installing a WordPress plugin enough?
Being an entrepreneur - especially when pitching a big idea - is all about persuasion. Technical communication doesn't just educate and inform, it must inspire hearts, minds and actions.
Your 1-minute pitch stands between you and the investor, partner or client of your dreams. Can you explain your big idea in three sentences or less? Here are 10 tips to help you identify a high-impact 1-minute pitch.
Editorial is more credible than an advert, and it's often free. But it's just an opportunity! You have to provide a good story. Here's how to get ideas for a news release that gets published!
Websites build credibility, generate leads and create income-streams through subscription-based paying communities, online courses, e-commerce and product showrooms. InTouch24-7 creates high-impact websites that educate, inform and connect businesses with niche audiences. We build online businesses that work.
New companies tend to focus on what they sell. They assume all they need to do is announce it, and people will  knock on their door wanting to buy. Investors and funders are more cynical. They want to see a solid marketing plan.
... and how to fix them!

Successful websites have CREDIBLE content. Most of the reason why websites fail, is NOT because of your colour choices. It's because you do NOT have CREDIBLE CONTENT. Good content is about good strategy! The best time to fix website content is when you build the website. The second best time to fix the content is today! Here is what to look for and how to fix.
... and 5 it doesn't! What marketing "must haves" do you need for your new startup? And what services cost time and money, distracting you from building your customer base.
The InTouch24-7 “Website-in-a-box” is a hassle-free all-in-one website solution. A website is the first place curious investors and clients look to assess your capabilities and credibility. Get a sophisticated and effective website that you can update yourself as you grow.
All projects begin with a plan. It seemed like a good plan. So why do project and business plans end up in the bottom drawer – forgotten and failed – […]
Search engine optimization is not rocket-science. A high rank on Google is an evolving, high maintenance process that begins with site structuring, design and content.
I've seen a lot of media hype in my 20 years. Hell, I've created some of it! Social media is a powerful communication medium. But it's not a magic wand. But it's also not a complete waste of time. Like all tools, you have to learn to use it. This article looks at some of the myths - and truths - behind social media as a marketing tool
No-one thinks of themselves as a spammer: “Of course people will want to know about this,” they tell themselves. Most companies send out sales emails to people who have not […]
Websites are 4-dimensional. That makes them the most effective sales and marketing tool yet invented. Because they adjust to an individual customers needs, and allow them to "talk back". The internet is the first communication medium since the telephone where the audience can influence the message being communicated.