Our 24-7 SupportSuite is suited to lean and agile companies, allowing you to leverage rich-media DIY options to reduce support calls, free up sales teams, and satisfy customers.
If you are a Canadian business—especially a legal or medical professional—you could be in violation of Canadian privacy laws simply by hosting your website on servers that are physically located outside of Canada? Do you REALLY know where your website, customer data and emails are stored?
My 24-7 SupportSuite starts where your automated and streamlined sales journey ends. It closes the loop by providing flexible, human-friendly, accessible tech support, so you get referrals and resales and cross-sales.
I build prototype websites. Why would I invest time and effort without first demanding payment? After 25 years in this industry, I have found there are huge benefits for both me AND my clients.
How can you balance the WOW-factor of your sales-orientated website, with practical after-sales support? Having a focused technical resource hub improves customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and referrals.
Creating a support website is a good time to assess and improve technical support documents. This article is a checklist of what you can do to improve your after-sales technical support documentation.
Complex products come with a steep learning curve. don't let customers and installers get frustrated as they muddle through on their own. Your product deserves better!
I no longer click on Chatbots. Because the chat NEVER WORKS. 😒 Instant support is great. But it's not the best use of staff time, and AI isn't there yet. We need a new solution. We need "Alt-Chat".
Do you spending hours fiddling with code, when you should be focused on clear, concise content! The online support documentation website I offer is as easy as Word, but it has fast, automated Tables of Contents and cross-categorisation.
Does your multiple choice quiz assess learning retention, or are your students simply guessing strategically? Here are some techniques and technology tools that improve your multiple choice quizzes in micro-learning.
Good manuals are good business.  What is the cost of adding a quick start guide, a YouTube video or some extra FAQs to your manual? Compare that to the cost of daily calls to your helpline, a bad review or a lost customer.
Screens and phones are hard to read! This is the harsh truth about presenting technical elearning content online. If you want people to read educational content, you need to structure it in an exciting way for impact AND legibility.
Frequently Asked Questions - or FAQs - are credible content that works. Most websites focus all their attention on getting the lead or sale. But FAQs are part of your sales credibility: they encourage both initial and REPEAT sales. They also draw attention to benefits and features in an easy-to-read format.
Do you need to train your employees on laws or regulations that apply to their job or your industry? What methods of training are available to you and what should you watch for.
You have critical information to share with your learners. You need them to focus, to remember. How do you move from Netflix-level "passive listening", to participation that leads to changes in attitudes and behaviour?
The first step in creating an online training or education programme is to close your computer and go fetch a cup of coffee. A top quality, unique induction or training course evolves from your head and your heart.
To train for performance you need to learn WHEN to do something and WHY and then you actually need to DO it.  It isn't good enough to recognise the right thing to do, you have to be able to apply it in the right way, at the right time.