Affordable Website-in-a-Box

A website is the first place curious investors and clients look, to assess your capabilities and credibility. You need it up and running, giving easy access to all the supporting data behind your big idea! 

The InTouch24-7 “Website-in-a-box” is the best all-in-one website solution.

  1. We’ll brainstorm your strategy, viewers and calls-to-action.
  2. Working prototype design. No payments due until design is approved! No risk!
  3. Give us your text and visual content. We help find royalty-free images and edit wording. We build in SEO for Google search.
  4. Approve the interactive, finished website exactly as it will appear to the public.
  5. Pay the fixed fee of $3 000 that includes:
    • Your designer “website-in-a-box” with a home page plus categories and up to 10 editable pages.
    • An international .com domain (.ca domains available on request)
    • Website space hosting for one year including security updates.
      ($25 per month after year one)
    • Email addresses with your own domain name ( is NOT a good look!)
    • One hour of Zoom training to add and update pages. It is as easy as Microsoft Word!
  6. We move the website to your new domain name, and set up email.
  7. We are there to support you with new features at a competitive hourly rate.

Need Less?

Do you already have a hosting contract? Our “website-in-a-box” can be installed on most common hosting platforms. Contact me for a reduced price!

Need more?

Want to add extra pages and special website functionality – no problem. We can source royalty-free images, and we’ll design or retouch your logo. InTouch24-7 is affordable – we’ll get your new business in touch with leads and prospects quickly so you can network confidently.

We work with a network of specialists to help you with branding, structuring your service, or finding your niche of profitable, paying clients.  Until you’re ready to employ, you have the benefit of a team to brainstorm, support and advise.

Is a website-in-a-box right for you?

Custom-built websites are created literally from a blank canvas. With technology today “anything is possible”, and most companies wrestle with too many ideas and opinions.

And then there is scope creep! Before you know it you’re out of time, over budget and it’s still not right.

Our website-in-a-box solution is ideal for the new or small business owner on a budget who needs a professional, high-impact website to support business growth.

See live Website-in-a-box sites!

Email us today to learn more about the InTouch24-7 “website-in-a-box”

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