add income…

Earn passive income for your professional society with automated, reusable CPD training, testing and certificates!

cut costs…

Cut event costs like venues, airfares, repeat speakers, hotels, car hire, staff downtime, materials printing and displays!

Online training… it’s working even when you’re not!

Track progress * test comprehension * validate compliance
* automatically issue certificates when tests are passed.


60% of Canadian universities use the open-source Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to manage online confidential assignments and test results. Now this power and security is available for commercial and non-profit organisations. 

  • Zoom recordings
  • product sales specs
  • technical specs/drawings
  • operating procedures
  • software documentation
  • ISO documentation
  • skills development
  • recruitment testing
  • CPD certification
  • induction

Is your organisation strong on networking and team-building? Ask about optional integration with live Zoom and text chats as well as asynchronous discussions and private messaging with trainers and/or team members.

Guild of Actors

Educators Forum

Clay Brick Assoc.

To support the acting profession during Covid-19, our Guild is giving away free access to skills workshops. We chose a branded “rental” InTouch24-7 LMS to distribute courses, as well as best practice Covid-19 procedures. The Guild has attracted 3 new members already!”

SA Guild of Actors

My diverse international sales team crosses cultures, languages and time zones. We’re using an on-site Moodle LMS to replace our in-person CPD training for Electrical Engineers – while promoting and supporting the rollout of our newly launched Astute product range”

Circuit Breaker Industries

We used the budget from 2 cancelled training events to purchase our own InTouch24-7 LMS as well as full support to convert our first courses. Within a month we were able to offer 2 new workshops per month, rather than 1 live workshop and a catered “meeting” in our office.”

Clay Brick Association

Affordable, low risk & easy to manage!

Opensource LMS Moodle has integrated permissions for complex hierarchical, departmental and/or project-based organisations. Secure access to documentation and training materials across time zones and devices.


Encrypted storage and distribution.  Manage access quickly and logically with cross-referenced groups.


Invite employees, contractors, managers, consultants, club members, interns. No per user software fees.


Branded, personalised dashboard. Adapts to diverse learning styles, time zones, languages and experience.


Easy drag-and-drop uploading of PDFs, forms, documents, words, graphics, podcasts and videos.


An experienced project manager is assigned to you, to help implement, and give advice, support and training.

full service

InTouch24-7 can convert your training materials to digital formats, and build and update courses for you.

How to optimise induction, training & assessment

With Covid-19, continued professional development (CPD) is a critical service for professional associations and to the members they support. Remote or distributed CPD training is one way for respected associations to earn additional income and add value to keep members.
Certification and accreditation programmes are a critical service offered by professional societies to promote best-practice in their industry. Training and continued professional development (CPD) income is also a steady financial lifeline for statutory or regulatory bodies. What is a CPD […]
It turns out that many remote workers learn more effectively when they are away from endless distractions of coworkers and training events.  Self-directed learning improves focus and memorability, especially when self-assessment and testing is build into the system. A distributed […]


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Yes, you CAN quickly implement elearning and online training, recruitment assessment or online testing for industry or ISO certification. InTouch24-7 has assisted these organisations and professional associations to transform project management, skills development and CPD certification for employees and members.