If you are a Canadian business—especially a legal or medical professional—you could be in violation of Canadian privacy laws simply by hosting your website on servers that are physically located outside of Canada? Do you REALLY know where your website, customer data and emails are stored?
I build prototype websites. Why would I invest time and effort without first demanding payment? After 25 years in this industry, I have found there are huge benefits for both me AND my clients.
Frequently Asked Questions - or FAQs - are credible content that works. Most websites focus all their attention on getting the lead or sale. But FAQs are part of your sales credibility: they encourage both initial and REPEAT sales. They also draw attention to benefits and features in an easy-to-read format.
WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify both offer eCommerce. You're planning your store, you don't know how it will evolve? This easy comparison might help you decide which is right for you!
Your Shopify store is a headache. It's not making sales, it's costing every month? How can you leverage what you have already done, and build the REAL business you originally dreamed of. One YOU own and control!
They make it sound so easy. Watch a few YouTube videos, pay your $30 and you have a Shopify store and the money will come rolling in. But most entrepreneurs (or even experienced store owners) aren't getting results. I'll let you into a secret, it's not you, it's them.
Websites build credibility, generate leads and create income-streams through subscription-based paying communities, online courses, e-commerce and product showrooms. InTouch24-7 creates high-impact websites that educate, inform and connect businesses with niche audiences. We build online businesses that work.
We work with companies that have complex products with components, parts and spares. Save money and hassle by updating your products in-house.
Setting up an eCommerce store can be expensive and takes time. In my country of birth – South Africa – it is next to impossible to take online payments and […]