Personality quiz lead generation strategy

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Strategy: use a “lead magnet” personality quiz to build your mailing list.

A mailing list lets YOU take control of your marketing.  And one way to gather that list, is a well written personality quiz.

A fun, helpful “personality quiz” is an effective marketing strategy that…

  • gets more data about the lead,
  • qualifies and categorizes the lead,
  • is viewed more positively than surrendering an email for a download,
  • is easy to share on social media and email,
  • may go viral if people WANT to share their result!
  • PLUS you can give away a PDF with the result, for prospect retention.

Email remains one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit, especially when it’s not random names and emails.

Your calendar looks quiet? Proactively email an offer.

You have a new insight? Email a categorized, targeted group on your list. 

You do NOT have to buy into the treadmill of a regular newsletter. Most recipients will be grateful that you only contact them when you have something of value they can use.

Why does a Quiz work for lead generation

Social media is inefficient for lead generation

  1. Social media relies on your prospects being online as you publish.
  2. Social media relies on them having time to read your brilliant post.
  3. Social media relies on them DOING something – liking or commenting.
  4. Social media has a “black box” algorithm around entertainment value.
  5. Social media is a treadmill.

PDFs are inefficient for lead generation

PDF giveaways used to be effective and popular. Now, as a colleague reminded me, people use temporary email addresses to get the file they want. You get fake names, and you have no idea why they wanted the file!

How does a personality quiz work?

Personality quizzes are all the rage online. I remember back in the day, when Cosmo magazine had one in every print issue, and I loved doing them! If it’s fun and well written, it’s a great way to learn more about yourself.

A personality quiz for lead generation is NOT a “briefing” or new customer questionnaire. It is NOT a list of what you want to know about them.

It must be fun! It must reveal something they delight in! It must be positive!

Using a personality quiz will reveals your prospect’s preferences, perspectives, desires, and experiences. And the insight gained not only helps the prospect, it also helps you define if they are a lead, and what services they might be interested in.

How to build a lead generating personality quiz
How to build a lead generating personality quiz
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