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Do you need a 24-7 DIY Resource Hub?

Is your valuable sales team wasting time on support?  Complex products come with a steep learning curve, and you can’t afford to let customers get frustrated as they muddle through on their own.

If you sell complex products and software, your website needs a technical resource hub to boost your website traffic, engagement and conversions.

Also known as a knowledge base, resource library, or help desk, our solution is a stand-alone web-based resource hub connected to your existing sales-orientated website with a popup chatbot.

What the 24-7 Resource Hub does for you

😊 It frees up your sales staff
😃 It reduces frustration for your customers and installers
😁 It reduces drudgery for your support team
🤗 It improves your service levels so you get more referrals.

Our 24-7 Resource Hub is a permanent tool you own and control – it’s not a 3rd party rental. You can continually improve it, grow it, and restructure it for new products and issues.

  • Guide customer, installers, agents and distributors through troubleshooting,
  • Fast problem resolution builds loyalty. Use QR code stickers on the product to guide the user to troubleshooting for that specific product exactly when they need it.
  • Stay connected with the people actually using your product.
  • Track common problems.
  • Generate leads and sales.

What could it be used for?

Software Help Docs: self-service support with videos, downloads and release notes.

Technical Resources: how-to guides, tutorials, reference materials, specs.

Case Studies: Individual projects (which could be password protected for privacy).

Micro-learning: multi-media training that’s instantly accessible and print-friendly.

Engagement: clickable maps, surveys, feedback forms, online calculators, quizzes…

Product Specs: use QR code stickers on products for instant access to reorder forms.

Extranet knowledgebase: “login only” sections for members, subcontractors or clients.

Intranet knowledgebase: Publish staff SOP’s or HR forms on your intranet subdomain!

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