Indie Book authors - here's the sad truth. Amazon won't do anything to promote your book.  In the competitive world of book promotion, leveraging your own website is a powerful strategy. You own it, you control it.
Your author website is a hub for your life as professional author - first place both existing and new enthusiasts in your genre will "meet" you. Your website invites readers into your secret world, so they become invested in your success.
Our 24-7 SupportSuite is suited to lean and agile companies, allowing you to leverage rich-media DIY options to reduce support calls, free up sales teams, and satisfy customers.
If you are a Canadian business—especially a legal or medical professional—you could be in violation of Canadian privacy laws simply by hosting your website on servers that are physically located outside of Canada? Do you REALLY know where your website, customer data and emails are stored?
Lead generation is NOT a numbers game. You are not looking for random email addresses, as easy as that sounds. You need to tailor the lead generation activity on your website to attract the specific individuals or businesses you're targeting.
My 24-7 SupportSuite starts where your automated and streamlined sales journey ends. It closes the loop by providing flexible, human-friendly, accessible tech support, so you get referrals and resales and cross-sales.
Building a lead generation activity into your website is the right marketing tactic for solopreneurs and services businesses, because they need to balance their workload. Connecting proactively lets you plan ahead.
The moment you finish your manuscript—before it even goes to editing—begin building your brand. We work with authors and their book coaches, to design and build an affordable author website, with features that engage fans and buyers.
A mailing list lets YOU take control of your marketing and one way to build that list, is a well written quiz. A personality Quiz qualifies and categorizes the lead and builds a sales funnel you can tap into during quiet times.
Your website is a "fixer-upper". Where do you start? Leverage years of content by refocusing and editing. Less "what" and more "so what". Websites that work have content that makes prospects curious.
A LinkedIn timeline is fleeting. Fine-tune your 1-minute marketing pitch by identifying and offering the right niche "foot-in-the-door" service for YOUR best niche LinkedIn audience.
You're working hard to provide goods and/or services to customers. Why let your website drag you down? There's a whole world of customers out there! Tell more people your unique story, make customers curious and encourage them to engage.
I build prototype websites. Why would I invest time and effort without first demanding payment? After 25 years in this industry, I have found there are huge benefits for both me AND my clients.
At the start of every technical communication project, I work with business owners to articulate their 1-minute marketing pitch - an instant summary of your business, your brand, or your big idea. A pitch isn't what you're selling, it's what the customer is buying. That's a big distinction.
You don't create advertising that works with a formula. Or a competitive analysis of your industry. Or even SEO keywords. You need that BIG IDEA! When you're selling a fire extinguisher, open with the fire, not the price!
How can you balance the WOW-factor of your sales-orientated website, with practical after-sales support? Having a focused technical resource hub improves customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and referrals.
Creating a support website is a good time to assess and improve technical support documents. This article is a checklist of what you can do to improve your after-sales technical support documentation.
A website isn't decorative - it's an asset. A member's only website not only builds credibility and leads, it can generate an income from subscriptions. Courses, premium content, networking opportunities and niche shopping. A good idea incorporates multiple income streams to ensure profitability.
Complex products come with a steep learning curve. don't let customers and installers get frustrated as they muddle through on their own. Your product deserves better!
I no longer click on Chatbots. Because the chat NEVER WORKS. 😒 Instant support is great. But it's not the best use of staff time, and AI isn't there yet. We need a new solution. We need "Alt-Chat".
Do you spending hours fiddling with code, when you should be focused on clear, concise content! The online support documentation website I offer is as easy as Word, but it has fast, automated Tables of Contents and cross-categorisation.
Does your multiple choice quiz assess learning retention, or are your students simply guessing strategically? Here are some techniques and technology tools that improve your multiple choice quizzes in micro-learning.
Good manuals are good business.  What is the cost of adding a quick start guide, a YouTube video or some extra FAQs to your manual? Compare that to the cost of daily calls to your helpline, a bad review or a lost customer.
Are you investigating ways to generate income from your knowledge-based content? Membership websites and micro-learning courses both offer steady income. This article looks at strategy and implementation - what are the pros and cons of each option?
Every client is different. Over many years, I’ve evolved my friendly “prototyping” approach because clients feel comfortable with it, and it works! The discovery phase is free. We connect, and […]
Micro-learning can be an effective tool for building an income-generating, paywalled, community website. If you are already an educator, mentor or coach, this could be exactly right for you!
Screens and phones are hard to read! This is the harsh truth about presenting technical elearning content online. If you want people to read educational content, you need to structure it in an exciting way for impact AND legibility.
Is your business is generalist with multiple services, and you are struggling to "niche"? I have a simple solution. You don't have to niche your business, as long as you can niche your 1-minute marketing pitch!
Substack is a free, cloud-based blogging platform that distributes articles via a newsletter. It's a great way for writers and journalists to generate leads and experiment with paid subscriptions. Is it right for you?
A member-based subscription website is a good way to build credibility with your niche clients. And with good planning, it can pay-for itself with premium subscribers. This article helps assess your potential return on investment.
InTouch 24-7 works with small to medium sized companies with complex technical products and services. We work in highly-regulated, science-based industries in software, medical tech and engineering. I enjoy working […]
A paywall is exclusive, paid content, created for people who are genuinely interested. Your platform dives deep into topics, shares exclusive stories, builds communities, and provides advice and solutions that are worth every penny.
Design Thinking evolves a business model based on research and logic. Design Feeling adds empathy - so you deeply understand the people who want what you sell, as well as the society in which you operate. Together, they build a successful business that works right from the start.
People are nervous of owning and controlling their own website. The assumption is that “the cloud” is safer. It’s run by big companies like Shopify, Amazon, Thinkific and Wix. They […]
When you add a website address to a LinkedIn post, a clickable image-link is provided. But often it looks terrible! It's a fuzzy logo or generic banner - or nothing appears at all? Here are some steps to fix it.
Imagine how hard life is, for people with permanent disabilities that affect vision? Accessibility NOT a legal and social hassle to accommodate disabled people. User-friendly is better for ALL of us!
Every business has forms. Remember the old days - the boss's PA made a form, we filled it in, she counted? Digital gave us options. So why is it SO difficult to get digital forms right?
What is a formula? “My Company is developing [offering] to help [target audience] solve [ audience problem] with [secret sauce]. These 10 formulas will jump-start ideas for your 1-minute-marketing pitch.
Looking good attracts positive attention, but attention isn't a website's goal. Here are some design ideas you can use to boost user experience and get more leads!
Frequently Asked Questions - or FAQs - are credible content that works. Most websites focus all their attention on getting the lead or sale. But FAQs are part of your sales credibility: they encourage both initial and REPEAT sales. They also draw attention to benefits and features in an easy-to-read format.
At the heart of marketing messages that work, is ... a beating human heart. When creating your 1-minute pitch, these emotions drive people to feel, to believe in your value, and to buy YOUR products and services.
Boost your SEO and credibility with industry-specific support articles and blogs that work. Cut the slog around coming up with new content. My secret checklist sparks ideas when I write for engineering, construction and industrial clients.
People believe they buy because it's the logical choice. HAH!! About 50 years of research into consumer buying patterns says they are wrong. (Disclaimer: this post reveals secret "black hat" marketing tricks you might not want to hear)
WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify both offer eCommerce. You're planning your store, you don't know how it will evolve? This easy comparison might help you decide which is right for you!
Your handouts deserve as much time and care as your slide deck and speech. They must look professional while reminding learners of your key points and brand!
Can you make sense of your Google Analytics report? We look at an example (real)report, and see how to make the right business decisions around the data.
Your Shopify store is a headache. It's not making sales, it's costing every month? How can you leverage what you have already done, and build the REAL business you originally dreamed of. One YOU own and control!
How do I get my website more visible on Google search? Do I HAVE to pay an SEO expert? Should I take out Google Ads? Or is installing a WordPress plugin enough?
In an online course or presentation you have just 30 seconds to grab audience attention. A joke is one option. Most people avoid them, but that means when you carry it off, people wake up and pay attention.
Because of time and budget pressure, many new startups companies are forced to make do with a logo that doesn't represent their vision. How do you recognize a good logo so you have branding that works?