Meet my partners!

Sometimes it takes a whole family to nurture, support and deliver a communications project. Everything has to mesh together – the strategy, the words, the music, the images, the layout, the programming, the sound track, the video and especially the way the final result is presented…

Brenda Benham

Memorable Presenter

Public Speaking Coach

When it comes to delivering memorable detail-orientated presentations, Brenda is the renowned expert in Vancouver. Her hands-on coaching helps you define what you say, how you say it, it also ensures you feel confident and be recognized for your expertise.

Danielle Turner

Velvet Pumpkin Productions

Video Producer, Photographer

Danielle is a magician who let’s you share your big idea on a global scale through her videography, photographs and post-production video editing. She’s capable and kind, with a unique ability to help you feel at home in front of her camera. She operates her own post-production suite.

Mandy Chalmers


Voice-over Agency

Mandy connect us to an impressive array of affordable voice talent and production facilities appropriate to the type of projects we do. She owns a leading international talent agency, that represents voice-over artists across a diverse range of languages and voice styles.

Jen Lampton

Jeneration Web Development

Web Developer
Backdrop CMS Co-Founder

“I believe in building websites that empower people to of all skill levels to manage their own web presence and have it look amazing. If I’m doing my job well, then you shouldn’t need me at all.”

Jen gives back as co-founder and lead developer of the open-source website framework Backdrop CMS

I’m available to work with new partners on joint projects.