You can read and learn and experiment... or work with me to get the immediate benefit of 20 years' experience in strategy, copywriting, design, development and publishing. I create affordable sales, training and community websites that work!

My initial 30 minute consultation is free, and I provide fixed quotes for projects, so you don't go over budget.

Websites that persuade, educate & engage

Is your website working for you 24-7?

  • Websites that work, generate leads.
  • Websites that work, help your customers buy, install, use, maintain and repair your products.
  • Websites that work, keep you connected with happy buyers to build referrals.

Social media is transient. A website is a permanent hub of information, that lets you take back control.

Build an income stream

Websites are a long-term asset, generating multiple income streams for your niche business

  • INFORM: gated content for premium members.
  • EDUCATE: courses, podcasts and videos.
  • INSPIRE: peer-to-peer conversations, expert mentors and coaches.
  • NETWORK: live-streamed events, webinars, zoom, dating, jobs.
  • SHOP: carry ads, sell merch, offer niche products, promote your paying members.

We build and implement websites that work

InTouch24-7 designs and builds high-impact, easy-to-use websites that attract and engage your niche target market.

  • Product catalogs with filtering and searching, and bulk data imports.
  • Demonstrate your credibility with case studies and research papers
  • Offer micro-courses and after-sales support. Train customers on how to use your products
  • Build a public or paying-members-only community or club with paywalls, security and private members-only zones.
  • Offer micro-learning courses on online “How To” books in your niche field

Why an InTouch website works, REALLY works!

  • We help you work through strategy to build an online business, not just a website.
  • We offer insights to draw new readers (and bump up your Google SEO!)
  • We refine content – concise wording, better photos, help with video and audio.
  • We build in automation to reduce work: we pull in your YouTube channel or from RSS feeds.
  • You can adjust your products, prices or services. Our websites are easy to update.
  • Excite your viewers with “live action” video and audio. We have specialists to help.
  • Live filters, searching and navigation so products are easy to find.
  • Two way engagement. Let your viewers respond back with a chat, poll or a forum.

A budget for a full website with a high-impact design, credible content AND engagement is around $12k-25k.

Examples of recent websites

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