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Technical Visual Aids

My visual aids and educational handouts make complex topics fun and easy!  Give potential donors, volunteers and buyers a useful takeaway they can refer to. If you’re an organization or solopreneur trying to get your brand seen, your toolkit gives you permanent visibility!

Good marketing tools and visual aids liven up your conference talk or presentation. They help your audience focus on YOU, and remember your message.

Visual aids could include:

  • Branded PowerPoint presentation templates you can edit
  • Quick-start guides or fill-in activity worksheets used during a course
  • Reference manuals (USB, online or printed) – see Technical Editing
  • Wall posters or banners for the conference or training room
  • Fun gifts like mugs and T-Shirts or a reusable carry bag


Handouts before, during and after your presentation spark memory. Our handouts are not just attractive, they use the principles of good ID (interaction design) and learning theory.

We offer:

  • Simple Word-based handouts on a branded template so you can keep it updated yourself
  • Fun, suitable icebreakers to relax everyone, and engage fro the start
  • A quiz reminds allows people to assess their own progress – and maybe win rewards!
  • Spark discussions and breakouts with scenarios
  • Lots of graphics, photos and drawings – we’ll brainstorm a theme to tie it all together
  • Activities get people to chat and laugh. Maybe it’s paper to fold, or a line drawing to colour in!
  • A feedback form
  • Links to a website or more videos – maybe via a QR code!
  • Turn instructions into sales scripts for conversation simulations.
  • Take PDFs online with a clickable index, table of contents and links.

Slide Decks

PowerPoint is the world’s most popular education tool – and it’s easy to keep up-to-date! Why reinvent the wheel?

  1. A good slide deck is the base – it give your speech context and a backdrop.  We can help you add great visuals, cut down wording, and restructure.
  2. Work with our Public Speaking specialist Brenda Benham to give you confidence and polish.
  3. Our Video Editor Danielle Turner creates professional video and audio tracks.
  4. For formal online courses we can extend your existing slide deck with test scenarios, sound tracks, branching, resources, logos, files and more.  It’s quick and flexible compared to pricey Adobe options.

Formatting options

Protect your IP!  We convert that PowerPoint slides and notes into a slick, interactive, rich-media tool that you can use over and over!

  1. We convert your course to a SCORM LMS package
  2. Add to your website: Ideas for Presentations: Example with audio only
  3. Add to your website:  About Remote Learning: Example with embedded presenter video
  4. We can convert to a YouTube video

Visual Aids

Posters, roll up banners and other visual aids will brighten up the training room.  They are a useful visual tools that you can refer to at any time during training.

LMS Course Content

We can help you add your edited content to a Thinkific course, or put it behind a WordPress Paywall.

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