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Technical Writers – are you tired of fighting Mad Cap Flare?

Is your company struggling along with Mad Cap Flare. Do you spending hours fiddling with code, when you should be focused on clear, concise content! The online support documentation website I offer is no more difficult than Word, but it has automated Tables of Contents, cross-categorisation, and the ability to handle rich media!

Customers expect to use intuition and luck to optimize incredibly complex software and equipment.

Most technical organizations waste time and money creating and updating multiple support channels. They have videos on YouTube, tech support on Github, Facebook support, issues queues …

Multiple connection points mean multiple help file updates. Customers don’t hesitate to report the same issue on several platforms, making tracking impossible.

Should support documentation be affordable, flexible or maintainable. YES.

  • Support should be consolidated in one place that can handle video, audio, feedback, searching, diagrams, 3D models and whatever the technology invents next week.
  • Customers should be find their own help 90% of the time.
  • Instructions should be available 24-7 without scouring forums (especially ones with competitor misinformation).
  • Customers should be able to quickly draw your attention to emergencies (before they turn to Facebook!)
  • IP sensitive information should be shared with VIP customers or distributors, but not with Google.
  • Your IP should be on a platform you own and control. You should not rent software that could disappear—or double in price—overnight.

Okay, so my solution isn’t going to handle SpaceX document version control for the next moon landing. But it’s affordable, easy to update, and very suited to most small to medium sized companies.

The 10 top frustrations of tech support documentation

  1. Software Cost: Mad Cap Flare and Document 360 are expensive for smaller businesses or independent users.
  2. Resource Cost: Help systems – even simple Word and PowerPoint files – take up a lot of business resources, time, and effort.  Proprietary support software requires bigger user computers, lots of memory, and lots of storage.
  3. Output Format Limits: A decade ago, people were happy with PDFs with links. Five years ago, photos were fine. Now customers want to manipulate 3D models! You need a format that keeps up with internet best practice.
  4. Steep Learning Curve: It takes months of meetings to get up and running.
  5. Poor team collaboration: it’s challenging for teams to work simultaneously on different pages.
  6. Hard to restructure: Structures change. New products are added. You want to reuse what you have, but add new sections and update old ones. How many places did we cite that outdated phone number…
  7. Input Format Limits: Word is a nightmare for numbering and indenting. You want to add a paragraph and now the entire document is out of sync. You feel like the software is constantly fighting you.
  8. Inputting needs skill: Even for Word, you can’t just hire a data entry clerk. They need to know about stylesheets,  Tables of Content, indexing and footnotes. When you buy a proprietary brand, it’s even harder to find a trained person.
  9. Hard to print: Sometimes people want a hard copy. That means you have to create a website AND a print version. And keep both up to date.
  10. Customer Support for any solution you buy: No matter what software you buy, you are dealing with a commercial enterprise there to make a profit. Yes, their prices will go up once you are locked in. Yes, the amazing support you got as a new client will get worse.



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