What makes a good logo?

A logo isn’t just a graphic shape with your company name in a cool font.

Before designing your logo, work through your marketing plan and 1-minute pitch. Your logo is built on this firm business foundation.

Logos get redesigned

Because of time and budget pressure, many new startups companies are forced to make do with a logo that doesn’t represent their vision. Even though the company has great ideas, it can appear unprofessional due to poor support materials.

On the other hand, some companies WAY too much on cool branding, packaging and other window dressing assuming that image is everything.

The truth is that “good” logos aren’t based on the amount you spend – as the examples in the link below will show.

What makes a good logo?

Your logo is the visual representation of your company, and you will need to live with it for a long time. It’s about getting the strategy right, and implementing that strategy efficiently.

  • Simplicity makes a logo design easy to recognize, versatile and memorable.
  • Good logos feature something unique, without being overdrawn or clichéd.
  • It needs to work equally well on a business card, a cardboard box, a brochure or a web page. A good logo is legible on a billboard at 120km per hour, and on packaging on the crowded shelves of a store.
  • The logo font must suit your industry – and make sure that it is readable!
  • Complex logos with gradient tones and 3D effects are pretty, but not practical. Get a black and white version for bulk documents, and a light version for dark backgrounds
  • Watch your colour choices. Yellow is hard to read, greens are hard to print evenly. Red turns into a pink tint. Metallic logos cost more to print. A smart gold logo appears as an ugly mustard, shiny silver turns to dull grey.

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