... and how to fix them!

Successful websites have good content. The best time to fix the content is when you build the website. The second best time to fix the content is today! Here is what to look for and how to fix.
The InTouch24-7 “Website-in-a-box” is a hassle-free all-in-one website solution. A website is the first place curious investors and clients look to assess your capabilities and credibility. Get a sophisticated and effective website that you can update yourself as you grow.
Search engine optimization is not rocket-science. A high rank on Google is an evolving, high maintenance process that begins with site structuring, design and content.
I've seen a lot of media hype in my 20 years. I've created some of it! Social media is a powerful communication medium. But it's not a miracle workers. And it's also not useless. This article looks at some of the myths - and truths - behind social media as a marketing tool
Websites are 4-dimensional. The 3rd dimension is time and motion as demonstrated by links and menus. The 4th dimension not found in any other medium - interactivity. The internet is the first communication medium since the telephone where the audience can influence the message being communicated.