At the start of every technical communication project, I work with business owners to articulate their 1-minute marketing pitch. An instant summary of your business, you as a brand, or your big idea. A pitch isn't what you're selling, it's what the customer is buying. That's an important distinction.
Being an entrepreneur - especially when you're pitching a big idea - is all about persuasion. Technical communication doesn't just educate and inform, it must inspire hearts, minds and actions.
Presentations are a one-shot deal. You will never have this event, this day and this audience ever again. You want to have complete confidence that your slide deck provides context, interest and support, but doesn't take the spotlight off you. We can help with that.
New companies tend to focus on what they sell. They assume all they need to do is announce it, and people will  knock on their door wanting to buy. Investors and funders are more cynical. They want to see a solid marketing plan.
... and how to fix them!

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