Micro-learning can be an effective tool for building an income-generating, paywalled, community website. If you are already an educator, mentor or coach, this could be exactly right for you!
A member-based subscription website is a good way to build credibility with your niche clients. And with good planning, it can pay-for itself with premium subscribers. This article helps assess your potential return on investment.
A paywall is exclusive, paid content, created for people who are genuinely interested. Your platform dives deep into topics, shares exclusive stories, builds communities, and provides advice and solutions that are worth every penny.
People are nervous of owning and controlling their own website. The assumption is that “the cloud” is safer. It’s run by big companies like Shopify, Amazon, Thinkific and Wix. They […]
Imagine how hard life is, for people with permanent disabilities that affect vision? Accessibility NOT a legal and social hassle to accommodate disabled people. User-friendly is better for ALL of us!
Every business has forms. Remember the old days - the boss's PA made a form, we filled it in, she counted? Digital gave us options. So why is it SO difficult to get digital forms right?
Looking good attracts positive attention, but attention isn't a website's goal. Here are some design ideas you can use to boost user experience and get more leads!
Frequently Asked Questions - or FAQs - are credible content that works. Most websites focus all their attention on getting the lead or sale. But FAQs are part of your sales credibility: they encourage both initial and REPEAT sales. They also draw attention to benefits and features in an easy-to-read format.
WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify both offer eCommerce. You're planning your store, you don't know how it will evolve? This easy comparison might help you decide which is right for you!
Can you make sense of your Google Analytics report? We look at an example (real)report, and see how to make the right business decisions around the data.
Your Shopify store is a headache. It's not making sales, it's costing every month? How can you leverage what you have already done, and build the REAL business you originally dreamed of. One YOU own and control!
How do I get my website more visible on Google search? Do I HAVE to pay an SEO expert? Should I take out Google Ads? Or is installing a WordPress plugin enough?
They make it sound so easy. Watch a few YouTube videos, pay your $30 and you have a Shopify store and the money will come rolling in. But most entrepreneurs (or even experienced store owners) aren't getting results. I'll let you into a secret, it's not you, it's them.
I offer a free 40 minute Zoom consultation to prospective clients. This isn’t a sales pitch – I’m here to give real value. I’m a communications problem solver. I do […]
We work with companies that have complex products with components, parts and spares. Save money and hassle by updating your products in-house.
Setting up an eCommerce store can be expensive and takes time. In my country of birth – South Africa – it is next to impossible to take online payments and […]
... and how to fix them!

Successful websites have CREDIBLE content. Most of the reason why websites fail, is NOT because of your colour choices. It's because you do NOT have CREDIBLE CONTENT. Good content is about good strategy! The best time to fix website content is when you build the website. The second best time to fix the content is today! Here is what to look for and how to fix.
Search engine optimization is not rocket-science. A high rank on Google is an evolving, high maintenance process that begins with site structuring, design and content.
Websites are 4-dimensional. That makes them the most effective sales and marketing tool yet invented. Because they adjust to an individual customers needs, and allow them to "talk back". The internet is the first communication medium since the telephone where the audience can influence the message being communicated.