Are you investigating ways to generate income from your knowledge-based content? Membership websites and micro-learning courses both offer steady income. This article looks at strategy and implementation - what are the pros and cons of each option?
A website isn't a decorative business accessory - it's an asset. A member-based website not only builds credibility and leads, it can generate an income from subscriptions. Courses, premium content, networking opportunities and niche shopping. A good idea incorporates multiple income streams to ensure profitability.
Substack is a free, cloud-based blogging platform that distributes articles via a newsletter. It's a great way for writers and journalists to generate leads and experiment with paid subscriptions. Is it right for you?
When you add a website address to a LinkedIn post, a clickable image-link is provided. But often it looks terrible! It's a fuzzy logo or generic banner - or nothing appears at all? Here are some steps to fix it.
Boost your SEO and credibility with industry-specific support articles and blogs that work. Cut the slog around coming up with new content. My secret checklist sparks ideas when I write for engineering, construction and industrial clients.
I offer a free 40 minute Zoom consultation to prospective clients. This isn’t a sales pitch – I’m here to give real value. I’m a communications problem solver. I do […]
Websites build credibility, generate leads and create income-streams through subscription-based paying communities, online courses, e-commerce and product showrooms. InTouch24-7 creates high-impact websites that educate, inform and connect businesses with niche audiences. We build online businesses that work.
Websites are 4-dimensional. That makes them the most effective sales and marketing tool yet invented. Because they adjust to an individual customers needs, and allow them to "talk back". The internet is the first communication medium since the telephone where the audience can influence the message being communicated.