At the start of every technical communication project, I work with business owners to articulate their 1-minute marketing pitch. An instant summary of your business, your brand, or your big idea. A pitch isn't what you're selling, it's what the customer is buying. That's an big distinction.
Design Thinking evolves a business model based on research and logic. Design Feeling adds empathy - so you deeply understand the people who want what you sell, as well as the society in which you operate. Together, they build a successful business that works right from the start.
What is a formula? “My Company is developing [offering] to help [target audience] solve [ audience problem] with [secret sauce]. These 10 formulas will jump-start ideas for your 1-minute-marketing pitch.
In an online course or presentation you have just 30 seconds to grab audience attention. A joke is one option. Most people avoid them, but that means when you carry it off, people wake up and pay attention.
Are you involved in approving the design of marketing material? Knowing some solid facts and figures about legibility will help you keep creative people on track.
I offer a free 40 minute Zoom consultation to prospective clients. This isn’t a sales pitch – I’m here to give real value. I’m a communications problem solver. I do […]
Being an entrepreneur - especially when pitching a big idea - is all about persuasion. Technical communication doesn't just educate and inform, it must inspire hearts, minds and actions.
Your 1-minute pitch stands between you and the investor, partner or client of your dreams. Can you explain your big idea in three sentences or less? Here are 10 tips to help you identify a high-impact 1-minute pitch.
Presentations are a one-shot deal. You will never have this event, this day and this audience ever again. You want to have complete confidence that your slide deck provides context, interest and support, but doesn't take the spotlight off you. We can help with that.
New companies tend to focus on what they sell. They assume all they need to do is announce it, and people will  knock on their door wanting to buy. Investors and funders are more cynical. They want to see a solid marketing plan.
For presentations and big idea pitches, a good story draws people in. They stop and listen. They hear and remember. Stories are an good way to change our attitudes, beliefs, […]