Are you investigating ways to generate income from your knowledge-based content? Membership websites and micro-learning courses both offer steady income. This article looks at strategy and implementation - what are the pros and cons of each option?
Micro-learning can be an effective tool for building an income-generating, paywalled, community website. If you are already an educator, mentor or coach, this could be exactly right for you!
A website isn't a decorative business accessory - it's an asset. A member-based website not only builds credibility and leads, it can generate an income from subscriptions. Courses, premium content, networking opportunities and niche shopping. A good idea incorporates multiple income streams to ensure profitability.
Substack is a free, cloud-based blogging platform that distributes articles via a newsletter. It's a great way for writers and journalists to generate leads and experiment with paid subscriptions. Is it right for you?
A member-based subscription website is a good way to build credibility with your niche clients. And with good planning, it can pay-for itself with premium subscribers. This article helps assess your potential return on investment.
A paywall is exclusive, paid content, created for people who are genuinely interested. Your platform dives deep into topics, shares exclusive stories, builds communities, and provides advice and solutions that are worth every penny.
Your handouts deserve as much time and care as your slide deck and speech. They must look professional while reminding learners of your key points and brand!
I offer a free 40 minute Zoom consultation to prospective clients. This isn’t a sales pitch – I’m here to give real value. I’m a communications problem solver. I do […]
Do you need to train your employees on laws or regulations that apply to their job or your industry? What methods of training are available to you and what should you watch for.
You have critical information to share with your learners. You need them to focus, to remember. How do you move from Netflix-level "passive listening", to participation that leads to changes in attitudes and behaviour?
The first step in creating an online training or education programme is to close your computer and go fetch a cup of coffee. A top quality, unique induction or training course evolves from your head and your heart.
To train for performance you need to learn WHEN to do something and WHY and then you actually need to DO it.  It isn't good enough to recognise the right thing to do, you have to be able to apply it in the right way, at the right time.
Websites build credibility, generate leads and create income-streams through subscription-based paying communities, online courses, e-commerce and product showrooms. InTouch24-7 creates high-impact websites that educate, inform and connect businesses with niche audiences. We build online businesses that work.
Design grabs your attention, but words change attitudes and behaviour. Whether you are convincing a funder to invest or showing how to use machinery safely, plain English saves time and prevents errors. We create technical reports, case studies and proposals that people find easy to read and understand.
Moodle is the world’s leading web-based learning management system (LMS) designed to organize training materials and assessments. Although it takes experience to set it up well, the software itself is […]