Pitch Decks & Slide Decks

Presentations are a one-shot deal. You’ve prepared for years. It took months to get that interview or conference spot. Success is rooted in those precious minutes as you pitch your big idea. You need it to be perfect, professional, polished. I can help with that!

Presentations we love to work on

  • Pitching a business idea or complex new technology to investors
  • An educational keynote for a work or research conference
  • A training course you want to record and resell
  • A reusable coaching series that adapts to each client
  • A technical sales demo to impress non-technical buyers
  • A recurring, persuasive speech that inspires and educates a hyper-critical audience

What do we do for you

My slide decks are high-impact. You can focus on connecting with your audience, knowing that your slide deck provides context, impact and support – but never takes the spotlight off you.

I partner with a network of experts in areas like audio and video editing, public speaking and photography. You get access to a whole team of skills as and when you need them!

Tell us what you need! A custom template, a full slide deck, speech suggestions or the full package. We’re flexible.

  1. Content

    • We help you work through your story, refine your core message and call to action
    • We watch out for words that might trip you up, or be misinterpreted by your audience
    • We help you pare down your speech to its clear, concise best
    • Watch our video for tips!
  2. Design

    • We design a custom template just for you. We set up colours, fonts, shapes and build in lots of slide layout options. That means you can create your own extra slides as you need them.
    • Individual slide layouts including legal photos and drawings
    • Animations to highlight key points. Not too much, not too little.
    • You own it all: presentation, templates and images. You can keep adapting it – no contracts or lock-ins.
  3. Presentation Polish

    • Brenda Benham of Memorable Presenter is our guru on confident public speaking
    • Tech tips and tricks so you always look unruffled – even when the laptop plays up.
    • Branded handouts so your speech doesn’t get bogged down in detail
    • Post-event sharing on your website or YouTube.
  4. Post presentation value

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