Online Product Catalogues

We work with companies that have complex products with components, parts and spares.

  • Save money – update your products in-house
  • Mobile-friendly, quick searches
  • Easy to share individual pages and products with customers
  • Save phone calls and cut down on product returns
  • Safe logins for customer to do their own after-sales training
  • Grows with your company – evolves with you.
  • No software license fees or ongoing commission

We help you set up Shopify for eCommerce – we’ll deal with those imports you are dreading!

Get the strategy right!

Use our easy checklist to make the right long-term decisions that work:

  • Branding: does it suit your company?
  • Navigation: is the structure intuitive?
  • Responsiveness: does it work on a cell phone?
  • Functionality: is it fast and user-friendly?
  • SEO: does it do well on Google?

What we offer

  • Custom branding unique to your company – no template designs
  • Logical, multi-level categories that can change and adapt
  • Intuitive menus so your customers find what they need fast.
  • Product configuration and filters
  • Maps for distributors by geo-location
  • Works well on mobile
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • We build Google keywords into your wording and captions so you appear on searches
  • We help with text editing, finding free images and redrawing diagrams

Website Examples

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