Online learning in a Netflix world!

How do you move from Netflix-level “passive listening”, to participation that leads to changes in attitudes and behaviour?

I know how often I have tracked down a YouTube video to show me an specific new Photoshop or Illustrator technique. I am enthusiastic! I am motivated! I am concentrating! I’m taking notes!

And at the end of the video, I go to my software. Within 3 steps, my software isn’t doing what I expect.

  • I go back to the video, I watch again.
  • Two more steps and then … damn!
  • Go back to the video…

It was a GREAT video – but the problem isn’t with the learning materials.

What’s going wrong?

The problem is human. I just cannot keep 10 minutes of incredibly detailed instructions in short term memory, even with notes. I forget a steps. I transpose settings.

Now imagine how this would look if I WASN’T motivated to learn?

But mostly once I have gone through this process once, I can to it again, eventually with no notes, then without even thinking. A month later I wonder why it was so difficult?

Try to build DOING into your curriculum even if it isn’t the whole process.

Ideas for practical assessments

I know multiple choice is easy, but you have other options!

  • Show a screenshot with “hotspots”. The participant must pick the right button to push.
  • Complete a sentence – what are the right settings to achieve X?
  • Let them rephrase a process in their own words
  • Set up a scenario slightly different from the example.

Humans are bad listeners but we learn by doing. User experience moves information into long term memory.

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