With Covid-19, continued professional development (CPD) is a critical service for professional associations and to the members they support. Remote or distributed CPD training is one way for respected associations to earn additional income and add value to keep members.
Certification and accreditation programmes are a critical service offered by professional societies to promote best-practice in their industry. Training and […]
It turns out that many remote workers learn more effectively when they are away from endless distractions of coworkers and […]
The first step in creating an online training or education programme is to close your computer and go fetch a cup of coffee. A top quality, unique induction or training course evolves from your head and your heart.
Moodle offers drag-and-drop file and document upload. Many course creators take their course notes and presentations and dump them in […]
Our pre-covid conferences, coffee meetings, classes and networking sessions were exciting and fun. How we miss them! But were they actually the best way to learn?
Software decisions are made on lists of benefits, feature comparisons and metrics.  HOW the software works in everyday life, is […]