Delivering mandated or statutory training

Do you need to train your employees on laws or regulations that apply to their job or your industry?  Is your company trying to meet an industry ISO standard? Do you need to educate your teams on health and safety, security or diversity?

Your Goals

  1. Get your employees trained without disrupting their daily work
  2. Generate a record that the training was successfully completed

Now that we have Zoom and eLearning, that should be easy!

Methods of compliance training

  1. “Live” Groups (either in-person or online)
  2. “Live” individual training (Teams or Zoom)
  3. Self-directed (online)
    1. Purchased SCORM course accessed via an internal LMS
    2. Custom course on an internal LMS
    3. Custom course on a cloud-based LMS

What goes wrong

Each of these has benefits (as the person selling them is quick to tell you). But each method comes with limitations, costs and complications. It gets so MESSY.

  • Bits and pieces of training in PowerPoint!
  • Server folders of saved Zoom videos
  • Old PDFs, documents and forms
  • Wordy, badly-phrased handouts no-one reads
  • You have to type results into several systems
  • Risky imports and exports of employee data
  • Impossible to update!
  • Managing the LMS as you continue to add and change
  • Paying for cloud-based solutions that offer limited options

Compliance training examples

This type of training leads to a safer and more productive workplace, protects your reputation, reduces injuries and accidents, and lowers the risk of legal action.

  • Anti-Harassment Training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Substance Abuse
  • Information Security
  • Diversity Training

Steps to set up an in-person or online training course

  • Identify each regulation you need to satisfy
  • Evaluate the specific criteria within each regulation
  • Create your course content (and keep it up to date)
    • Or acquire SCORM compliant course content from a safe source
  • Deliver the courses to your staff via online or in-person group events.
  • Build an assessment activity into the event
    • Or set up post-event tests
  • Track each person’s attendance (and scores) in your LMS, or in an HR system.
  • Keep the course material up-to-date
  • Maintain the LMS

If you are a mid-sized company in a regulated industry, or you are considering implementing compliance training, let’s do a 30 minute discovery call.

I offer a range of services to improve the quality of your training tools. I have experience with several LMS solutions – what works and what is difficult to maintain. I’m happy to share my experience, and perhaps save you some headaches.

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