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For many businesses my “Website-in-a-Box” is the perfect solution. But some organizations need more. They want to sort and filter, they want multiple people to update pages. They want to run events, offer online courses, or provide technical information on complex products.

Do your customers need and WANT to be educated and informed about options? Do you need to show customers how your product works, and WHY it works so well? Do you need to show off your credibility or your track record? Do you need to offer after-sales training and support?

Then you are our kind of client! We love to create high-impact websites that attract and interest your niche target market.

  • We use colour and panels break up text-based content into neat, digestible chunks
  • We add fun pop-open sub-sections, flip boxes and other active graphics
  • We edit out the long words, and create plain English, readable sentences.
  • We AREN’T industry insiders so we can easily identify which terms a lay person won’t know
  • We source photos, icons and simplify and redraw busy diagrams.
  • We boost your credibility with FAQs and How To guides that do well on Google and are easy to read
  • Will a video or diagram do a better job than a page of words?

What makes an InTouch website stand out?

You are making an investment in the most powerful communication tool known to humankind. Take advantage of ALL it’s capabilities!

  • A website is an online brochure that can quickly pivot if you adjust your products, pricing or services. We build websites that are clearly structured and easy to update.
  • A website offers insight and opinion like a newspaper. We recommend case studies and FAQs to draw new readers (and Google!)
  • A website offers “live action” like TV and radio. We can add video and audio to make it interesting
  • A website is a central portal about your company. We make it easy for clients to write a Google review, subscribe to your newsletter and find your contact details.
  • A website is interactive like a software app. Where it’s appropriate we make it easy to find products with filters, searching and navigation
  • A website is like a phone – it’s two way communication. We can allow your viewers respond back with a chat, survey or even a community forum.
  • A budget for a full, interactive web application is around $20 000. These provide a secure but accessible and user-friendly web interface to core operations. Most are for internal use only and remote work. (See *Drupal and *Backdrop examples.)

Examples of recent websites

InTouch 24-7 ecommerce websites

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