CPD assessment & certification

Is CPD a financial lifeline for your association?

Certification and accreditation programmes improve the credibility of your industry.  Training and continued professional development (CPD) are also a steady income-earner for associations and regulatory bodies.

Why not earn a passive income by moving your training, assessment and certification programme online.  That investment will continue to provide a passive income ofter in-person events return.

  • Expand, automate and improve your training quality
  • Cut out per event venue and speaker costs
  • Grow your membership by offering courses to rural and outlying regions.
  • Support your industry and member best-practice.

Many organisations will be trying to fill the gap with ad hoc Zoom Meetings, emails, newsletters and website updates. But these are just a stopgap and risk losing your intellectual property (IP) and professional credibility.

What is needed is a fast, user-friendly and cost-effective solution RIGHT NOW, with scalability for an unknowable future.

Affordable solutions from InTouch24-7

InTouch24-7 offers a flexible, scalable solution that harnesses the power and encryption of the global leader in LMS software. Your organisation may choose own your training installation or rent it as a service. You can have a blended solution by making use of a trusted cloud-based, internet service provider.

The Learning Management Framework we use is Moodle – the largest LMS in the world.  You are not locked into custom-developed commercial software. The vision of the Moodle community is to improve global learning, not make short-term profits.

Moodle is used by over 60% of Canadian universities to manage confidential assessments, access to files and collaboration with team members. It not only handles distance learning, assessment and certification. It also solves all kind of other remote working problems around paperwork, project plans, storing zoom meetings, and technical documentation.

Moodle Version 3.9 has made exponential advances over the early 2.0 version known to most students. It is state-on-the-art. InTouch24-7 does not give you a list of features – we will demonstrate a live system to show you how easy and user-friendly it is. We don’t make promises, we SHOW you reality.

Flexible content to suit diverse participants and industries

Learning content

With Moodle, professional development learning is more than just PDFs and videos. It includes social networking and informal discussions among colleagues across multiple time zones. Independent reading and research, reviews of a colleague’s work, or other learning between peers are also popular.

There are over 20 options for different types of content including Zoom meetings, SCORM and the latest H5P formats.

Moodle already knows about complex academic institutions with professors, lecturers, teaching assistant and cohorts of students – each with different roles and responsibilities. It isn’t a single hierarchy like many LMS solutions – lecturers in one topic can be students in another!

Assessment & Certification

What makes Moodle different is its focus on advanced testing and assessment not just multiple choice! There are 16 different types of tests, including drag-and-drop graphics, peer review and group workshops.

Many tests are automated, which means that as a professional body you can certify knowledge has been understood, and issue a certificate with the relevant CPD points. There is long term reporting of who has completed courses, and a personalised dashboard for the user.

Moodle has built-in anti-fraud measures including randomised questions from a question bank, as well as randomised answers. Each student receives a completely different test.

Recruitment & Induction

Reduce the admin burden of identifying qualified candidates for recruitment. Get new volunteers, committee members, staff up to speed – all before they start their first day of work!

Long-term growth for member-based organisations

With Covid-19, continued professional development (CPD) is a critical service for professional associations and to the members they support. Remote or distributed training is one way for respected associations to earn additional income and add value to keep members.

At the same time, executives are keen to use spare time at home to expand their skills and learn new protocols. Managers and supervisors are at risk right now!

Online CPD training will not only solve short-term pandemic isolation. It will create new digital opportunities in your industry for the future.

Offering online CPD training has long-term benefits for your sector. Canada is largely rural and travel to metro areas has always inconvenient and expensive.  Professionals in outlying towns are disadvantaged when it comes to keeping up with new research and networking.

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