Are you keeping track of your website's performance? A LinkedIn connection contacted me for a free consultation to make sense of her Google Analytics report. Do you think she should be worried?
I offer a free 40 minute Zoom consultation to prospective clients. This isn’t a sales pitch – I’m here to give real value. I’m a communications problem solver. I do […]
Give your handouts as much time and care as you would your slide deck. It should be professional and useful, and remind learners of key points, learning activities and your brand or coaching business!
Do you need to train your employees on laws or regulations that apply to their job or your industry? What methods of training are available to you and what should you watch for.
You have critical information to share with your learners. You need them to focus, to remember. How do you move from Netflix-level "passive listening", to participation that leads to changes in attitudes and behaviour?
Good manuals are good business.  What is the cost of adding a quick start guide, a YouTube video or some extra FAQs to your manual? Compare that to the cost of daily calls to your helpline, a bad review or a lost customer.
The first step in creating an online training or education programme is to close your computer and go fetch a cup of coffee. A top quality, unique induction or training course evolves from your head and your heart.
It turns out that people learn more when they are in calm, relaxed surroundings. Who knew! After 2 years, working from home has gone from being a hassle, to being […]
To train for performance you need to learn WHEN to do something and WHY and then you actually need to DO it.  It isn't good enough to recognise the right thing to do, you have to be able to apply it in the right way, at the right time.
At the start of every technical communication project, I work with business owners to articulate their 1-minute marketing pitch. An instant summary of your business, you as a brand, or your big idea. A pitch isn't what you're selling, it's what the customer is buying. That's an important distinction.
Being an entrepreneur - especially when you're pitching a big idea - is all about persuasion. Technical communication doesn't just educate and inform, it must inspire hearts, minds and actions.
New companies tend to focus on what they sell. They assume all they need to do is announce it, and people will  knock on their door wanting to buy. Investors and funders are more cynical. They want to see a solid marketing plan.
As a  technical writer I’m biased –  I believe that no matter what graphics you use, it’s the words that sell. But a great layout provides visual cues that make it easy the reader to keep reading and to remember the key points.
Are you involved in approving the design of marketing material? Knowing some solid facts and figures about legibility will help you keep creative people on track.
Setting up an eCommerce store can be expensive and takes time. In my country of birth – South Africa – it is next to impossible to take online payments and […]
... and how to fix them!

Successful websites have good content. The best time to fix the content is when you build the website. The second best time to fix the content is today! Here is what to look for and how to fix.
With Covid-19, continued professional development (CPD) is a critical service for professional associations and to the members they support. Remote or distributed CPD training is one way for respected associations to earn additional income and add value to keep members.
Your 1-minute pitch stands between you and the investor, partner or client of your dreams. Can you explain your big idea in three sentences or less? Here are 10 tips to help you identify a high-impact 1-minute pitch.
For presentations and big idea pitches, a good story draws people in. They stop and listen. They hear and remember. Stories are an good way to change our attitudes, beliefs, […]
A logo isn’t just a graphic shape with your company name in a cool font. Before designing your logo, work through your marketing plan and 1-minute pitch. Your logo is […]
... and 5 it doesn't! What marketing "must haves" do you need for your new startup? And what services cost time and money, distracting you from building your customer base.
All projects begin with a plan. It seemed like a good plan. So why do project and business plans end up in the bottom drawer – forgotten and failed – […]
Editorial is more credible than an advert, and it's often free. But it's just an opportunity! You have to provide a good story. Here's how to get ideas for a news release that gets published!
Search engine optimization is not rocket-science. A high rank on Google is an evolving, high maintenance process that begins with site structuring, design and content.
I've seen a lot of media hype in my 20 years. I've created some of it! Social media is a powerful communication medium. But it's not a miracle workers. And it's also not useless. This article looks at some of the myths - and truths - behind social media as a marketing tool
No-one thinks of themselves as a spammer: “Of course people will want to know about this,” they tell themselves. Most companies send out sales emails to people who have not […]
Websites are 4-dimensional. The 3rd dimension is time and motion as demonstrated by links and menus. The 4th dimension not found in any other medium - interactivity. The internet is the first communication medium since the telephone where the audience can influence the message being communicated.
Moodle is the world’s leading web-based learning management system (LMS). It is designed to organize training documents and assessments, but it is also an effective intranet for project-based organizations. It […]
Certification and accreditation programmes are a critical service offered by professional societies to promote best-practice in their industry. Training and continued professional development (CPD) income is also a steady financial […]